Chapter headings and compiling

My binder looks like this:

When I compile, the result looks like this:

Part I – [TITLE]

[page break]


[page break]

Chapter 1
text of chapter one

How do I get it to stop putting chapter titles on things that aren’t chapters?

Since you’re manually numbering your parts & chapters, and have a preface after the beginning of a Part, I’d suggest you go to File->Compile, then click the formatting section (you may have to click the big blue arrow to expand the compile window to the more detailed view). On each and every row that has a folder icon, click on it, then click on the “Modify” button above the sample text window. In the window that pops up from that, click on the Section Layout button. Finally, delete everything in the Prefix and Suffix boxes, then close out that window, the previous one, and then click compile.

Brilliant. That fixed it!
Thank you