Chapter Headings aren't visible

I’m sure this has been covered before, and I did read through the forum, knowledge base and manual but after numerous attempts, I can’t get my chapter headings to be visible when I compile. I’m working in Mac OS X, compiling as an ebook in .mobi format.
I’ve read several threads that tell people to go into the formatting pane when compiling, and just experiment, and I’ve done this.
The table of contents is working just fine.
Here’s my setup:
Each chapter is a folder and is untitled.
Each chapter is made up of several docs - one per scene.
In the formatting pane, I’ve tried a variety of options, but not matter what I try, the chapter headings don’t show up in the actual document. It just looks like a long string of text.
I’m struggling to figure out how to upload a screenshot.
Right now, I have “as-is” unchecked.
The level 1+ (with the folder icon) has “title” checked.
The next level 1+ with a paper icon doesn’t have anything checked.
The next level 1+ icon has “text” checked.
In the prefix window, I have this: Chapter <$t>
And suffix is just a paragraph symbol.
I would so appreciate your help - I’m this close to typing in all the chapter headings manually.
Oh - and if it’s important to know - I imported this manuscript from word.

Un-check “as-is,” as it overrides the Formatting pane.

The Chapter folders need to have titles. Otherwise, where is the “Title” requested by the Formatting pane going to come from?


Hi Katherine,

So I read these instructions in the “How to use this template” section of the Novel Format heading in the binder, which is why I hadn’t named my folders “chapter 1” and so forth:

Create a new folder for each chapter and title each folder with the name of the chapter. If you don’t intend to use chapter names, just use something descriptive that tells you what the chapter is about. (You do not need to—and indeed shouldn’t—title the folders “Chapter One” and so on, because chapter numbering will be taken care of automatically during the Compile process.) The first chapter folder has been created for you with the placeholder title “Chapter”.

It was my understanding that the title numbering would come from whatever I entered in the Section Layouts dialog box in the formatting pane, where I had put this: Chapter <$t>

I thought Scrivener would just populate “Chapter One” “Chapter Two” and so forth…

Now I changed around some settings - naming my folders as you suggested, unchecking as-is, and including the folders in the TOC - and now every chapter in the TOC repeats itself: “Chapter One Chapter One” etc.

I know I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what it is! Eek!

I’m sorry, I misunderstood what you were trying to do.

Please uncheck the “Title” box for the Chapter folders. That should give you just the Title Prefix from the Section Layout pane, without the folder titles from the Binder.