Chapter headings disappear

I’m trying to compile the document for my writers’ group, but the chapter headings disappear, i.e. “Chapter One,” “Chapter Two.” It will be difficult for them without those headings. (I don’t want the rubrics from each chapter. So “Chapter Nine” is good, but “Chapter Nine - the killer is really X” is bad)

Additionally, I’d like to retain italics instead of having them turned into underlines.

Help me, please.


The settings for title generation are all in the Formatting compile option pane. You can flip through several of the provided presets to see how the examples work. Basically you don’t want a title checkbox if you use binder names for internal notes; and you want Level Settings to set up generic titles with counters. Standard Manuscript Format and Papberback Novel both demonstrate this (though they have checkmarks in the Title column; so if you start with one of those, remember to remove them). Full explanation of how this pane works is in §23.8 of the user manual PDF.

The italic underlining convention can be disabled right in the main summary view—or in the Transformations option pane.

AmberV, you rock!

The ‘convert italics’ thing worked like a charm. However, I’ve tried the different presets with no luck. I even went into ‘Manage Compile Format Presets’ and clicked ‘Revert to Defaults’ to try to clear out anything I may have screwed up. Still not getting ‘chapter one…’ etc.

Well to be clear none of the presets work precisely how you want—you’ll have to make modifications to the Formatting pane. This should be very easy though. All you need to do is select one of the presets I mentioned, visit the Formatting pane, and turn off any checkmarks in the “Title” column. Check the preview in the mock editor below. You should see “Chapter One” printed there.

If you see what looks to be a decent preview, but still are not getting any titles, make sure you do not have “Compile As-Is” checked for all of your documents. Easiest place to check is the Contents compile option pane as it has a column for “As-Is”.

AmberV, I did have ‘compile as-is’ checked! You’ve saved me!

Feeling a bit dense, but I did RTFM, 23.8
The last time I exported a major manuscript my headers for sections were automatically included (was more than a year). Now, I can’t get them included at all. I’ve tried different formats. I don’t have “as-is” checked for any documents. I have tried the following formats: custom, standard, non-fiction.
Because this is a grant, I need all headers or it is gobbledygook. Is there any other section of the manual I should read, or any other thoughts?

What do the entries in the Compile dialogue under “Formatting” look like? (File > Compile… Select “All Options” tab, select “Formatting” in the Sidebar).

You need to have ticked the “Title” checkbox for the levels of documents for which you want the titles visible. A stylised version of the structure of your document is shown, broken down into various combinations of Levels. Scrivener allows you to be very, very flexible about what you print out, so it can be a bit off-putting at first. Fortunately, if you just want to print out every title of every Scrivener document, just tick every “title” box and you should be OK…

BTW, if you highlight each line in turn, the box below will show you a dummy version of what will be displayed for each level. So, if you haven’t ticked title and text, you’ll get nothing. If you’ve ticked “Title” you’ll get the word “Title”, together with any Prefixes / Suffixes you’ve added in “Level Settings” etc… If you’ve ticked “Text” you’ll get dummy placeholder text.

Hope this helps as a pointer to what you need…


My guess is that you’ve switched outlining styles with your newer project. Perhaps you were using a template and following the Folder/File schema put forth, which is how most of the templates are set up to assume you will be working. They assume you are gathering non-titled files into folders which generate the titles. If you’ve switched to using files with groups of files under them instead of folders, or just a flat list of files with no folder grouping, then you might see headers disappear because the compile settings are assuming the wrong thing. They are however, as brookter points out, quite flexible and can be bent to fit nearly any outlining style you can dream up. If you do indeed need to move some formatting rules from one row to another (like say from the folder row to the file row) you can select the row and press Cmd-C to copy all formatting attributes, then select the file row and Cmd-V to paste.

Thanks brookter (and Amber). That was exactly the problem. Under formatting no titles were checked. Still getting used to new subtleties.
Just a note to Amber: was not using a template, just plain old blank project. But had copied all header numbers and titles from grant into my own level headings. So the only problem was to get those headings out.
Much, much appreciated. This is a great community.

No problem – glad it helped!