Chapter Headings Messed Up on Compile

When I compile my novel to RTF most of it turns out fine.

However, the chapter headings all appear in bold square brackets, and the first line of the main text that follows is preceded by what looks like a large bold I. You’d think this would be simple to fix with a Search & Replace, but it isn’t, because Word does not “see” these marks. If I do a search for square brackets it only finds those that are in the text, not these ones Scrivener has inserted.

A lesser problem, the chapter headings come out in all caps. CHAPTER ONE. Even though they are not formatted that way in my compile settings.

Does anyone know how to fix either of these things? I’m supposed to hand this novel to my editor tomorrow!



I’m no expert on Compile, but as for the Find and Replace, what happens if you copy one of the spurious characters (in Word) and then paste it into the Find dialogue? Will it find them then? That usually worked for me whenever I had an odd character that I couldn’t type in normally.


Thanks, Martin. Yes, that normally works, but not in this case.

When I copy the rogue character, in this case a square bracket, into Search & Replace, what shows up there is something like this: ^p. Which is the formatting for Paragraph and Indent. If I replace it with a blank space all the paragraphing in the novel disappears.


Have you got formatting turned on (or off) in the Find dialogue? I’m just wondering if it’s not finding because it’s looking for the wrong formatting. Not sure what else to suggest. Best of luck with it!


How are your “Level Settings” set up in the “Formatting” pane of Compile? It sounds as though you have an odd title prefix and suffix set up, along with the title set to be in all-caps - all of which can be set via the Level Settings. Are you using one of the compile format presets from the “Format As” pane?

All the best,