Chapter Headings not formatting after Compile

I just updated to 3.1.4. When I re-compiled and checked my document in Kindle Previewer 3, my Chapter Headings are no longer picking up the applied styles in the Section Layouts. They just appear as standard body text (left justified), instead of centered and all caps. I’m using the default styles.

I haven’t changed anything in my document (other than fixing a few typos). I tested this on two documents, both of which were created in Scrivener 3 and the second of which has been completely unchanged since my last compile.

It sounds like you might be using the stock “Ebook” format, which unfortunately shipped with a flaw in 3.1.4 that could cause the effect you describe. I’ve attached a fixed version of it to this post. Unzip it, and then drag and drop the file into your Compile format sidebar to install it. I’d suggest installing it globally since it sounds like you have more than one book.

Sorry for the confusion! (7.07 KB)

Hi AmberV, this did the trick. Everything is working fine now. Thanks so much!