Chapter Headings

When I compile my “draft” the chapter headings appear in the resulting PDF or Kindle (mobi) files half way down the page. How do I get them to appear more to the top of the page?

Sounds like page padding. See page number 359 of… … ual-a4.pdf

Page Padding
Located on the right hand side of the formatting editor header bar, this controls how much padding will be added to the top of the page, in lines, when it happens to fall on a page break. Use this to offset your titles from the top of the printable margins if you prefer that look. This option will not be previewed in the Formatting pane, you will need to compile in order to see the results.
When using the plain-text output format, blank lines will be inserted wherever a page break would appear. Thus this setting can be used to visually space apart sections, even though in most text editors, page breaks are not possible. This option is not available to the MultiMarkdown formats, as this engine does not heed extraneous spacing.

I see where the page padding adjustment is and tried it but it never seems to take effect and I am not using any MultiMarkdown formats. I tried it with ORIGINAL format, STANDARD MANUSCRIPT format, PLAIN TEXT, etc, and compiled for PDF. In all cases I changed the separator to PAGE BREAK. In the case of Original and Plain Text, the chapter headings disappear altogether.

I am trying to format this as a NOVEL.

Thanks for your help.

Right, “Original” means basically: what I have typed in Scrivener. It won’t add, remove or change anything (with the exception of page breaks on folders). I’m not sure what you mean by “plain text” in this context. That would normally be selected in the “Compile For” drop-down, and is a type of file (just as PDF is a type of file) that has no formatting whatsoever, hence plain. In other words you wouldn’t be able to select “plain text” and PDF, any more than you could select PDF and HTML or RTF. These are the output formats. The “Format As” drop-down on the other hand are presets that apply numerous settings to the output. Original does very little, as said, but others like “Standard Manuscript” can do quite a bit of modification to the original text, by adding titles, changing the font and even altering format styles.

So with that all established: when you choose Standard Manuscript as your Format As preset, and reduce the padding in the Formatting compile option pane to 0, you still get chapter headings that start down the page a bit? Could there be anything in the files that might explain that, like excess empty lines in the scenes?

I tried it with standard manuscript with PDF output. Set all separators to page break and padding to 0 and chapter head ins come out 1/3 to 1/2 way down the page.

Thanks for trying to help…this isn’t worth it :slight_smile:

Okay try this: use View/Page View/Show Page View in the main application. Select several files from the Binder which span over where a chapter break would be. So for example I might have two files selected from a prior folder, a folder and two more files. Enable Scrivenings mode in the View menu. Finally turn Format/Options/Show Invisibles on. Scroll through that and check for any spacing or strange characters around the chapter break.

Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate it. But I think I’m going to punt. This is much more than I need or prepared to deal with.