Chapter Headings

Hi - I read somewhere that the chapter folders shouldn’t be numbered, as they will automatically convert to Chapter and number and that used to work, but I’ve had problems compiling since the update. I’ve been compiling to paperback novel format, but had to alter settings as it didn’t give Chapter but part and about three headings, and numbered every scene. In Compile to: Times 12pt with Bold Folder Titles I used to get chapter numbers, but am now getting nothing - no separators except a gap. Please help.

Right - have sorted that at least temporarily by putting placeholder tags into chapter titles, but would be interested to know if there is any other way to get the chapters numbered, as I’m sure this used to be part of the preset you provided, or am I wrong?

I sounds like you started with a “Novel (with Parts)” template or the equivalent compile preset. Depending on how you organized your binder (chapter folders with scene documents, for instance?), then you could just choose the Format As: Paperback Novel preset.

The chapter numbering happens in the Formatting pane. If you have chapter folders & scene documents in each of those folders, then chose the Level 1 folder row, click the Section Layout button, and insert “Chapter <$n>” (without the quotes) into the Prefix window, and you’ll get “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, etc…

However, if you’ve already made your titles do that for you, then this is just extra work. You’ll learn how to do it, which is valuable for future projects, but if what you have is good, then why mess with it? I do advocate against titling chapters “Chapter 1” or the like, simply because while editing, “Chapter 15” wouldn’t have an intrisic meaning, but “Sleepovers & Car Crashes” would.

Thank you, I appreciate your answer.

I can see what you’re saying about titling chapters but I don’t really want titles. I also got ‘Chapter 2Two’ etc when I tried what you suggested. So I tried out titling chapters - and it worked well with the Paperback Novel preset, but with the Times New Roman preset it didn’t put Chapter One etc - only the title. So I’ve decided to simply name each folder with ‘CHAPTER ONE’ etc, and then the presets work smoothly with the Times New Roman preset - but the Paperback Novel one still wants a subtitle too, I think. E.g

Is there any way to turn this sublevel off in that Paperback Novel preset? Because now I’ve taken the titles out it’s now saying
CHAPTER ONE (repeated underneath)

It looks like you’re getting the automatic chapter numbering + the title of your document.

Option 1: You can eliminate the titles by un-checking the “title” checkboxes in the Formatting pane of the Compile window. That will leave it up to Scrivener to automatically add the “CHAPTER ONE” (Or Chapter 1, or whatever it’s doing) bit.

Option 2: You can go to the prefix window that I described before, and delete the “CHAPTER <$n>” (or similar) stuff completely out, and leave the “Title” checkboxes checked.

Before, I think you probably had “Two” as a title, and Scrivener was adding “Chapter 2” as a prefix to your “Two” title. Or it maybe it was the other way around.

Side note: Using meaningful titles doesn’t mean you have to include them in the compiled output; by un-checking the “title” checkboxes, you can keep them to yourself, and just let Scrivener add in the “CHAPTER ONE” stuff automatically. Not saying you SHOULD do that, but I personally find it helpful.

That’s a great help. Thank you so much, Robert. I’ll try that. And yes - I’d forgotten you could use them for WIP and turn them off for compiling. Isn’t Scrivener a wonderful thing? I wouldn’t be without it.