Chapter Headings


I compile to Word using ‘preserve formatting’ for the chapter name that I put above the first para. The preserve formatting preserves the centred chapter name, size and font. However - and it’s a small thing, but…the automatically generated Chapter One etc are centred, and so are the preserved chapter names, but they do not line up! The chapter name is slightly to the right and the chapter number in the middle. I know this is not a great problem but how do I get them both centred one underneath the other? Word says they’re both centred but they don’t look right!

Thank you!

If you look at the ruler (Ctrl-R? I’m on Mac, so I might have got it wrong) I suspect you’ll find your heading — “Christmas” in this screenshot — has an indent set on the line, so the word is centered between the indent and the right margin, where the “Chapter X” is centered between margins.


Mr X

Exactly what I was going to suggest. Word says something is centered based on left and right. In its mind, if you have a tab indent, it thinks that’s the left to measure from.

Thank you! I’ll look at that.

Thank you so much - this worked perfectly.