chapter headings

in current version of scrivener for windows, using chapter names with Roman numerals puts the chapters in alphabetical order instead of numerical order. For example:
chapter IV
chapter IX
chapter V.

instead, please track the document. Headings with internal numbering not using the alphabetical document heading.

Where are you seeing this? In the compiled output? That doesn’t seem to happen to me when I experiment with the auto-numbering <$R> tag. All instances of <$R> are translated to the correct, in-order Roman numerals.

Are you sorting an outline view, where you included roman numerals in the titles? I can’t even make the Windows beta sort the outline view. But if you managed to make it sort by a column in the outline view, that sort is always going to be alphabetic. A similar problem will occur when sorting 1,2,3… 10,11,12…20,21, in that it will always sort by the first character that it encounters, so the order becomes 1,10,11,12…2,20,21,22…3,30,31… etc. If you want the sort order to go back to what is in the binder, you just click the header a couple more times.

Are you doing something else entirely? If so, they won’t be able to do anything unless you can provide step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the issue. I sometimes include an example .zip compressed project with detailed instructions in a document in the binder when it’s difficult to explain, or requires a lot of setup (like naming files a particular way, entering particular text with a particular style, etc…).