Chapter Image issues

I am trying to use images as my Chapter titles. I can get the image into the files and it shows up, but when I compile it, there is a huge space between the page before and the Chapter image (and it is for each image and each chapter) but when I look at it in scriveings mode, there is no space there. I don’t understand why there is the difference or what I am doing to put it there. 1.PNG

Scrivenings mode is semi-WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), not full-WYSIWYG.

What is output by the compile process is additionally affected by a number of things, including compile settings and ???

I think the following thread touches on what you are encountering…
See File > Compile > Formatting… As you click on each type of level, note the “Page Padding” value (right side, above the WYSIWYG preview). That may be relevant.

In the Scrivener manual (Help > Scrivener Manual or available at …), see 22.8.2 Formatting Editor, specifically “Page Padding” on page 208.
“Page Padding Located on the right hand side of the formatting editor header bar, this controls how much padding will be added to the top of the page, in lines, when it happens to fall on a page break. Use this to offset your titles from the top of the printable margins if you prefer that look. This option will not be previewed in the Formatting pane, you will need to compile in order to see the results.”

Some articles that might be relevant… … -headings/ … scrivener/ … ith-style/

There are several Scrivener books/ebooks on Amazon that may discuss this.

Thank you!!! While the videos and forum didn’t exactly answer my question, it did point out that I could use the As Is option and it compile the files the way I had them… Which is what I wanted and now that space is gone!!! So thank you for pointing me to them!!!