Chapter level progress does not relate to Total Wordcount

I think this is a bug.

In Outline view, the Chapter-level progress does not relate to the Total Wordcount.

E.g. I set 6,000 as my Target for the chapter. The chapter contains 3 scenes, each of 4,000 words, but progress is zilch.

Since chapter files aren’t usually supposed to contain text, this is not very useful


“Progress” and “Target” are associated with the “Word Count” column, which deals with individual files, so this is working as expected. We’ll be adding a “Total Progress” and “Total Target” which will be connected with “Total Word Count” and will do what you’re looking for–track the progress of a goal set for a container of files; this just didn’t get into the initial 1.0 release.

My session target and project target numbers aren’t corresponding. It was working fine yesterday, but then today it froze on the draft #, though the session target and chapter words seem to be counting fine.