Chapter number links vs Chapter display

I’m using the Chapter <$n> to number the chapters in my .mobi compile. I like that it numbers the chapters in the ebook Table of Contents and they’re clickable links. That’s what I want it to do for the Table of Contents of the ebook. However, I’d like the actual ebook page where the chapters begin to display the number, without the word ‘Chapter’. Is that possible?

The Table of Contents is generated from the document titles and prefixes, so it’s not possible to use different titles for the two. You could compile to epub and then use a tool like Sigil to edit the titles within the body of the ebook, removing the “Chapter” from each. Then open the edited .epub in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer (or use KindleGen directly through the command line) to convert to the .mobi format.

Thank you. I appreciate the assistance.