Chapter Number show out of order in Compiled Doc

I have moved a bunch of folder around and need to do so as I work on my non-fictional book. When I tested the compile functionality the chapter numbers are all out of order. How to I prevent this from happening? :frowning:

How have you added chapter numbers to your project? Typically you want to set this all up in the compile formatting using a placeholder tag to insert the numbers into the compiled document, so that the counter is incremented just based on the order (and hierarchy) of the folders and files at the point you compile. For instance, the Novel Standard Manuscript compile format is set up to add a “Chapter <$t>” prefix to each folder, so that when compiled this will become “Chapter One”, “Chapter Two”, “Chapter Three”, and so on without your needing to have chapter numbering within the documents or their binder titles.

If you’ve numbered the sections within the project using static digits, you’ll need to manually edit these after rearranging, but you can instead use the auto-numbering tags here as well so that the actual numbers won’t be put in until you compile, allowing you to shuffle the documents without needing to always renumber. The Edit > Insert > Auto Number submenu allows you to easily put in the appropriate placeholder for the different numbering styles; you can also view a list of the available placeholders in the user manual or online here. The auto-numbering placeholders can be added as prefixes or suffixes in the document titles, within the text, or as a title prefix or suffix, as done in the Novel compile preset.