Chapter numbering in the binder

I’m sure this request ranks up (down) there with implementing a complete database of all Amazonian beetles, but one can always hope. Well, me, anyway. One probably doesn’t care.

Anyway, I was wondering if it would be possible to have the chapters automagically numbered in the binder list. I love the fact that the exported version does this, if I ask politely, but since I don’t (yet) name my chapters other than the very creative 1, 2, 3, etc., what I’m left with is a nice list of “Chapter” running down the binder. This probably isn’t a problem for most people, but since I have to use my fingers to count, I lose my place on the screen when looking for chapter five. It’s even worse after I exceed five.

Not really, but it would make things easier to manage. For me. And for that other guy in the back with the funny hat. I swear there’s a dead bird on it.

This is not a complaint, just a humble request that you can nod with polite acknowledgement and then forget about. You’ve made a truly delicious app… err… wait… that’s that other guy… the dork who brags about his Lotus. You’ve made a truly tasty app that blows any competition away with the power of a [big number] kiloton nuclear weapon. Or my wife pissed off.

Okay, so I haven’t actually eaten your app, but I wanted to lick the screen.


Thanks Jason - you’ve just made me laugh which has made my hangover headache worse.

The trouble with adding automatic chapter numbering in the binder is the way that it’s all set up internally at the moment is that if you insert an auto-number tag such as <$n>, for instance, that could also appear anywhere in the text. So Scrivener would have to do a lot of work to update those live, scanning through all the documents in the project every time it needed to display a number. That’s why I’ve never made it live numbering. You could get around that if there were a tag only available to the binder/titles, but even then it would get awkward because of the number of places the title can be displayed and also because some projects would also require sub-numbering and so on.

So the main problem is that I don’t know how I would implement this without it causing a lot of slowdown or causing other issues…

Thanks and all the best,

Aww. I’m sorry about the headache. For penance I shall get stinking drunk (well, not stinking, I do bathe. Usually.) tonight, wake up tomorrow, go outside in the damnable sunshine without my shades, and go stalk the Greek restaurant and watch people try to pronounce “gyro.” That always makes me laugh, so then we’d be even.


And no worries, it was just a fantasy I had. I left out the part with the four long-tailed demon women and their peep-hole fetish because I didn’t think it was relevant.

Anyway, as someone recently divorced from the professional software development field, I know how “oh come on, it’s just a tiny feature” can be a monumental task to implement. So don’t worry, I sill love you. In a strictly Platonic way. Okay, in a strictly Platonic-on-a-late-night-Showtime-soft-porn-extravaganza way. It’s the accent. It melts me. Okay, not really. Well, a little.

I need to take my medication now. You rock. (I’m not sure how that sentence leads into the next, but oh well.)


av y noticed Capn, as ow all crew members anamed, jaysen, ar mad! :open_mouth:


We prefer the label “frustrated” over “mad”.

The “Frustrated Hatter” just doesn’t have the same marketability.

“Although he is never called by this name in Carroll’s book”

I most certainly am not mad. Mad is wearing the entrails of a porcupine around your head. Or listening to Brittany Spears. shudders

I am simply sanity challenged.


Mere d`Lucifer!!
[size=150]Le Trinité Profane [/size]

Morty, I would really make Vic-K’s day … or provoke him into paroxysms of profanities … if it just so happened that you were also from Portland, OR.

But I see you don’t reveal your whereabouts.



I reside on a hill of clay in the middle of Wisconsin, under the witness protection program. I saw the president of the New Mexico League of Cucumber Growers steal a bag of Oreos. Terrible, terrible. If they ever find me, they’re going to pickle my turnips. I have to stay low for a while.


Is insanity contagious :open_mouth:
I fear the worst
Le`D :imp:

Yes. And easily transmitted. Wock and I i were “normal” before we ran into you vic-k.

M`sieur Jaysen
Everyday we encounter incredulity. In dealing with it, oft times, we suspend disbelief, in many cases, pushing that suspension it to its very limit.

pushes it over the ‘edge’, Msieur. LeD :imp: