Chapter numbering visible in binder

It’s not exaggeration that I’m thrilled to have found Scrivener (and will pay for it shortly). Thanks all who make it happen.

Is there a way to show a number for each folder (chapter) in the binder (sequentially)? My mind remembers numbers - “Oh, check chapter four” and I also like to quickly see how many chapters I have and where I might need to have another one. I’ve customized to have only chapters (as folders) under my draft folder.

Perhaps the outline feature is the only way to see chapter numbers in a list - I don’t suppose there’s a way to have outline open while I’m working in the editor?


I don’t think there is, no. The developer, Keith Blount, gave an explanation a while ago which as I understand it boiled down to the fact that the way the program was organised (which gives it its flexibility) made this difficult to do. He was a lot more technical and detailed than that, though!

You can see the outline at the same time as the editor. Select the document you want to edit in the binder, then split the screen horizontally (opt-cmd-=) or vertically (cmd-").

Then, click in one of the split editors and choose outline mode.

If you find yourself doing this a lot, you can save the layout in the way you want it from the Windows > Manage Layouts menu (shift-cmd-)).

You can do a lot with splits and layouts – might be worth having a quick skim through the manual (Layouts – section 9.7, Splitting the Editor – section 14.8.).

But… I don’t think you can have numbers in the outline view either…

However, you can have them in the Corkboard view: View > Corkboard Options > Show Card Numbers. This will number the cards sequentially within a certain level, starting at one. But as you say that you’re only using one level, this might be enough for your needs. You can have the cork board as one of the split editors, by the way.



As for referencing each chapter, can you create a meaningful title for it? You don’t have to use the name of the folder in the compile step if you don’t want, so you can name it as idiosyncratically as you like. I’ve adapted to doing this, so now when I decide to split up a chapter into two separate ones (or combine two into one), it doesn’t confuse me. I no longer have to remember that what happened in chapter 7 is now what happens in chapter 9; it’s always what happens in the chapter titled “Jack’s Secret Revealed!”

Brookter - many many thanks for the time you saved me! I will see how I adapt and may not miss the numbers. I can check chapter numbers looking at formatted compile, and maybe I can come up w/ a custom compile I could occassionally refer to that shows chapters w/ text contents omitted (but probably not).
Robertd, thanks, I have named the chapters that way and think it will be fine.

No problem, glad it helped…

As for printing out just the chapter titles with numbers – have a look at the Enumerated Outline option in compile.

File > Compile… and choose Enumerated Outline from the Format As drop-down menu… I think that may do what you’re after… or at least be close enough that tweaking is easy…