chapter numbering went wacky with the new update

Forgive me if I’m just doing something wrong. I probably AM.

I will say I have a very hard time understanding the chapters on how the compiler works, and thus have been having a nightmare with Compile.

BEFORE the update, Compile insisted on putting a page break between the chapter title and the actual title. It also insisted on putting the name of the file that I’d originally moved into Scrivener. (I started out with OpenOffice and only started using Scrivener this year.) I was told this was a bug and was being fixed. This wasn’t really a biggie since I could easily fix it in the final document.

AFTER the update (and with the exact same settings) the first time I tried to compile, it didn’t give me ANY chapter titles or file names. Not having the file names show was great. Not having the chapter titles show was more of a problem.

So I went into Formatting>Level 1> Section layout, I typed: Chapter <$t>

NOW it’s decided that my title page is Chapter 1, Chapter 1 is labeled Chapter 2, etc.

This is a bigger problem, since I know if I try fixing it manually, I’ll end up with misnumbered chapters somewhere along the line. Plus I’ll have to do it every single time I re-compile.

What on earth am I doing wrong?

Also if someone wants to write a “Compiling Scrivener for Dummies” I would be so very grateful.

Okay! I think I figured it out. I’m posting what I FINALLY did right, so that anyone else who’s as confused as me can get help with the fix.

When NO titles showed, the box on Level 1, titles wasn’t checked, so put a check in that box if you want to have the title name show.

In Section Formatting I left that blank.

Now title numbering is correct (my chapter folders are all named by their numbers). Whew!

Now if my chapter folders were NOT labeled Chaper 1, Chapter 2, etc. I have ZERO CLUE what the fix would be. But if you’re using a title page outside of the chapter folders, doing something in section formatting WILL be applied to your title page also. i.e it gets considered as a chapter.

Still hoping for a Compiling for the Complete Idiot book. I realize you folks at Scrivener are working hard, but is there any chance you’d consider writing the help chapter on compiling so it’s a little more newbie friendly?