Chapter numbering

Can I control chapter numbering? I wrote a first chapter in my manuscript, then inserted an alternate first chapter immediately following. I decided I like the alternate better than the original, so I dragged the original to my background material holding area down in research, cleared the compile checkbox, checked the compile checkbox on the alternate chapter 1 (now the ‘official’ version), and compiled. Chapter numbering now begins with chapter 2. How can I change that first chapter to Chapter 1?

First, if you move a chapter (or any file) out of your draft folder, you don’t have to mess with the “include in compile” checkbox for that file/folder. Only those things in the draft folder are considered for compiling.

Second, you can leave chapter numbering until the compile stage, and name your chapters in ways that are meaningful to you (or use chapter titles that will show up in addition to “Chapter ONE”). You can continue to name your chapter folders “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 2”, but that requires you to re-number everything manually.

See the “Compiling Using Presets” video at for a good overview of the settings involved.

And again, thanks. Love this software, and it’s a powerful tool, but there is a learning curve…