Chapter numbers and Table of Contents

hi 2 questions please:

1 - Is it possible to prevent the word Chapter ### being inserted automatically when compiling?

2 - I’m not seeing the Table of Contents when I compile the document, either in Word or in .mobi format. Is there a trick to make that happen?

(using v 1.6 on windows 8)
Thank you

The “Chapter” and number is being added during compile as part of the title prefix. In the compile window, click the blue arrow button to expand the window and then click on Formatting. The table at the top displays the different document types and their levels in the binder hierarchy (the Draft or Manuscript folder is Level 0, its immediate children are Level 1, etc.). Click into a row to see a preview of its formatting in the area below; you’ll also see the “Chapter” prefix for any rows that have it. You can then click the Modify button, then Section Layout and simply delete the prefix if you don’t want it.

Depending what you’re trying to do with the compiled text, you might also want to just switch to using the Original preset for compile. This will compile using the formatting from the editor without adding any extra shinies, so it’s a good place to start; you can then build it up as you like if you want to add document titles, adjust formatting, etc.

A table of contents is only automatically generated for the ePUB and Mobi formats; if you’re compiling to Word, you can build the TOC there post-compile based off the document titles. (Here’s where you might want to set up custom formatting for titles of different document types or levels if you need a complex TOC with several layers of depth, so you can create the TOC to recognise different sized fonts as different section levels, for instance.) For the ebook formats, the TOC will list each document that follows a defined page break (set in the Separators tab of compile or via Page Break Before).

How do i actually build the TOC based off the document titles in Word? or where i can find the exact information as I am really struggling with this and I really want to use Scrivener while writing my reports. Thank you in advance.

This post should help you get started, but post if you have any questions about it!