Chapter numbers and TOC

I have been looking around for a way to do this without success. :blush:
Is there a way to have Scrivener simply display the number of the chapter without the word “Chapter” in the compile results?
In the TOC, can we just display the number? All I see now is “Chapter” with nothing else.
(Oh, and my chapters are at the folder level, with scenes as dependents.)

The prefix that is attached to the title is set up in the Formatting compile option pane. You’ll need to select the folder type from the list at the top, and then click the Modify button. There will be a button for “Title Settings” in that pop-up. If all you are getting is the prefix, then you likely have the “Title” checkbox deselected in the folder row of that first table. It works this way so you can use meaningful titles for your own use internally, and compile to generic “Chapter #” titles if you wish.

Thanks, AmberV! I am going to play around with this some more and see if I can get just the # to print.
Any thoughts on the TOC question?
best regards

Hmm, I see what you are saying. The e-book generator still seems to be using a built-in value for the ToC regardless of the actual title settings in the Formatting pane. This is a known issue; I just didn’t realise it was still one. :slight_smile:

Right now you need to edit the book after compiling, using something like Sigil. If you are going to .mobi after that, use the Kindle Previewer program to open the .epub and convert it.

Thanks for the tip, AmberV! Still trying to decide between #'s and actual chapter headings.