Chapter numbers as digits (1), not words (one)

Whenever I create chapter headings during compile the numbering always comes out with words, eg: chapter one, chapter two.

I’m sure it should be the easiest thing in the world to change this to: chapter 1; chapter 2.

But for some reason (probably basic stupidity) I can’t figure out how it’s done. Can anyone help?

The setting you want is in the Compilation dialogue (cmd-opt-E).

Choose the All Options tab, then click on Formatting in the left hand panel. On the right, you’ll see a stylised structure of your project, with entries for one or more levels of Folders, Document Groups and Documents.

Choose the item which provides your Chapter titles (usually Folders Level 1(+)). Make sure the Title box is checked, then look at the dummy text box below. Presumably at the moment it says Chapter One.

Click on the Section Layout button, and in the Title Prefix and Suffix tab, you’ll see Chapter <$t> in the Prefix box. The <$t> code basically tells the compiler to add the chapter number as One, Two, etc.

All you need to do is change the tag to <$n> (= arabic numbering), then press OK. The dummy text will change to Chapter 1. <$R> will give you capital Roman numerals, <$r> lower case.

The Section Layout dialogue also allows you to change the appearance of the chapter heading, or add a suffix / run in head.


Thanks - that answers it. I feared it would be something surprisingly simple!