Chapter numbers in the binder & partial compile options

I did a search for these in the forums but didn’t find it as a wish list item:

  1. Chapter numbers in the binder
    I know space is at a premium in the binder, but I’d really like to be able to see my chapter numbers there. I’m constantly referring to “chapter X” with collaborators and editors so it would be nice to have the option to see it there.

  2. Chapter numbering in partial compile
    This one is really frustrating for me: I very often have to send a partial compile either to my critique group or my editor. When doing this I need, if I’m sending chapters 22 through 24, they will, of course, show up as chapters 1, 2, 3 after compile. I’d love to be able to check a box for “preserve chapter numbering in partial compile” and have it show the correct chapter numbers.

Scrivener is terrific overall, so thanks!

  1. For real-time numbering anywhere inside the project window, you may find this thread useful. It is aimed at writing a script for a graphic novel, but the principle is equally applicable to chapter numbering in most scenarios. Click on the folder that contains the chapter folders (Draft probably), viewing it in Corkboard mode and enabling the View/Corkboard Options/Show Card Numbers menu option. For a more detailed explanation on why this is a fairly simple feature and compile numbering cannot be shown in the project window, see this explanation.

  2. On the ability to compile chapter 22 so that it doesn’t show up as chapter 1, you can already do this to a limited degree. If you select that chapter folder in the Contents compile pane, then in the “Compile group options” button to the right of that selector you can disable Treat compile group as entire draft (it is off by default). What you can’t do for various reasons of complexity is select three or four folders and compile those as 22–25. All of the tools that let you do that also let you select things from all over the binder (even outside of the Draft) and potentially in any order as well, making any form of automatic numbering based on the Draft numbering too difficult to compute.

A potential solution that may work for you, if you need both multi-folder and offset numbering, is to temporarily enclose the chapters you wish to compile in their own folder. This is easily done by Cmd-clicking each chapter item in the Binder and using the Documents/Group menu command. Now in the Contents compile option pane, select that container as your compile group, probably removing the Include selected container in list option, and when you’re done, your Binder selection should still be on the temporary container folder—if not select it, then use the Documents/Ungroup command and trash the temp folder. This will surely be better than compiling four chapters separately and then gluing them together in Word (or changing the numbers by hand). :slight_smile: