Chapter Numbers wrong in Compile

My chapter numbers have suddenly started counting from a high number during the compile. Also getting a double-line for some reason. I’ve compiled this document many, many times in past and this didn’t happen.

Just to confirm - are the chapter numbers starting from two hundred forty-two, or are they going from chapter one to chapter two hundred forty-two?

Are the chapters otherwise being grouped together normally? For example, some people write each individual scene as a separate text document, then group them into a designated chapter folder. In your compiled output, despite the absurd chapter number, are the chapters being divided correctly? I ask because I’m wondering if you have a binder setup such as I previously described, and the compiler believes that each individual item is a chapter, which is why the numbering is climbing so high.

Check this thread for a solution:

Sorry for the slow response. Got busy with life. It’s supposed to ignore the title page with chapter one starting as page one. I found another thread in the topics where someone reported a similar problem with page numbering. I used their workaround and it seemed to do the trick. A little kludgy but my pages are normal again.