chapter numbers

I’m using the standard Novel format when I compile, which works on for the entire manuscript, but when I just want to send off the last couple chapters I’ve completed to my test readers, the chapter numbering is wrong. Instead of saying CHAPTER TEN and CHAPTER ELEVEN it says CHAPTER ONE and CHAPTER TWO. I can’t figure out how to solve that.

We’ll be adding an option to make that easier in the future. Right now you can just compile the whole thing and lop off the front of the book in a word processor.

Thank you. I haven’t noticed any prediction on the next non-beta windows release date. Is there an official estimate I can look forward to?

Probably within the week; we’re wrapping things up right now.

Ok, I’ve installed the latest update and… I still don’t get it. My chapter numbering is still not right. Where is this option to make them correct?

Apologies, I did not mean to imply that particular improvement would be a part of this update. It is likely that will not show up for some time as it is rather low priority given how easy it is to delete half of the RTF file you just compiled.

Ugh. You’ve got to be kidding me.

I would have thought the update would prioritize the core functionality, but at least I can now change my user interface font… if I ever wanted to.

In the mean time all I have to do to send a chapter to a friend to test read is to open my 43,000 word manuscript in a word processor, do a text search to find CHAPTER ELEVEN or whatever, set my cursor there, scroll to the top of my screen, shift click at the top, hit delete, then text search for “CHAPTER TWELVE”, click, scroll to the bottom, shift click, delete, and save. Then when my friend says “Oh, can you send me chapter ten too? I can’t remember where that left off” I say, “No problem, because I have this super easy procedure I can do with my word processor. I like to do it instead of writing…”

Actually I will continue to do what I have been doing, which is to manually retype the chapter numbers, but it’s just annoying and it makes me annoyed with the program and I don’t want to be annoyed with the program because usually I’m loving Scrivener.

Is there something I can do to increase the chances that a compile screen update will make it into the next update (which hopefully won’t be another six month wait) rather than say, being able to change the color of my buttons or something?

Well, if it bothers you that much you could just insert a bunch of counter placeholders before the first chapter. So if you are compiling chapter ten, then insert nine of them so that when the compiler gets to the first usage it prints “ten”. You’d then just need to delete 123456789 from the top of the file. That is what we all did for years before there was a feature added to pre-count placeholders for partial compiles, if we weren’t just snipping text out of an RTF (I can make the dedicated method on the Mac sound about as complicated as you described it, if I listed all of the steps in great detail). :slight_smile: Honestly, you have way more at your disposal than most of us did for a long time; you should have seen the old Mac compiler, it had about four options for format and and a few checkboxes for scattered things. The Windows compiler does way more than we originally set out for it to accomplish for round one. I know it can be annoying when the platform you use is years behind another, but until we invent time machines in version 4, we’ll have to stick with this linear and at times awkward movement of meat and thought through time and space, one step at a time.