Chapter on own page?

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Another question I’m hoping someone has already figured out (can’t find it in the user manual or online). I’d like to have my chapter headings on their own page, with a graphic included. I’ve attached a screen shot from Pages, where I can (sort of) do it. If anyone knows how to do that in Scrivener, I’d be thrilled! Thank you in advance.

  1. Compile

  2. Assign Section Layouts

  3. For the relevant heading level, choose a section type that compiles chapter headings only. Remember its name and click OK

  4. Edit the relevant format from the left-hand Formats panel

  5. In Section Layouts, find the Layout Name that corresponds to the assigned section layout in point 3

  6. Edit the suffix as necessary, adding either an image placeholder tag that points to the ornament you want to use, for example <$img:Ornament>, or inserting whatever characters are available on your system, such as ornamental asterisks

Sample project attached.

Slàinte mhòr. (91.4 KB)

Ornaments.pdf (74 KB)

Thank you again JoRo - I’m lucky you’re on here tonight! And thank you for the files as well - perfection! You’re my hero tonight!

Pleasure to help. The sample is scant, but hopefully it serves as a basic model for what you want to do.

Slàinte mhòr.