Chapter #'s in TOC

I was wondering, is there a way to get a .mobi file whose TOC includes actual chapter numbers, too?

Visited the support forum to see if anyone else had made a similar request but can’t find any. I am concerned that my Scrivener created TOC in a .mobi file just says “Chapter” “Chapter” “Chapter” “Chapter” “Chapter” “Chapter”
I’d really like that TOC to say “Chapter 1” “Chapter 2” and so on. Is there a way to make that happen? Each chapter is a folder with (usually) one text note, sometimes two.
Thanks for any advice!

The easiest way is simply to hard code the numbers in the Chapter names in your binder.

Or put in “Chapter <$n>” That should work and will auto-number for you.

The least tedious thing to do is to change your compile settings for Level 1 folders to put Chapter <$n> in as the title prefix, so you only have to enter that once, and then tell it not to include titles (the names in the binder) in the contents pane of the compile window.

That doesn’t work at the moment on Windows. Export to eBooks will just give you a TOC that says “Chapter <$n>” rather than doing the replacement.

I should actually test things before putting fingers to keyboard. :blush:

:frowning: to hear this. Looking forward to it in the Windows version. THANKS!

has there been any progress toward getting auto-gen’d chapter #'s into the TOC? Hard-coding into the folder name has tons of drawbacks. Thanks!!

It appears that the Beta windows version I just downloaded automatically includes the proper chapter # in the TOC regardless of what the chapter’s folder name is. And that is absolutely TERRIFIC! :smiley: many thanks!

Ah, glad you found it! Yes, the upcoming release will use the prefix and suffix information for the TOC (and will recognise the placeholder tags), so if you have your documents set to compile with just a “Chapter <$n>” prefix and no title, that will be used for the TOC; if you have it set to use a title and suffix, both title and suffix will be used, etc.

That update is going to make moving things around (or even deleting a folder) so much easier!