Chapter/Scene problem

Hi all,

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I’m making each chapter a folder. In that folder I may have several documents that are “scenes” of the chapter. You can choose to set the label on the folder or the document in the folders, but I can’t get them to be different things. For example, if I have a folder (chapter) that contains one document (scene). If I change the label on the folder or document, the other automatically becomes whatever I set. If I set Chapter on the folder, the document is also relabeled to be Chapter. If I set Scene on the document, the folder is also relabeled to be Scene. Oddly, if I have more than one “scene” in a chapter, it is only the last scene I added that is tied to the folder label. For example, see the attached screenshot:

The “chapter” is the folder “Taken”. There are currently two “scenes” in the folder, “Holt Awake 1” and “Holt Dreaming 1”. The first scene I was able to set as “scene” (which is why it’s blue). The second scene, is tied to the folder, they cannot be different labels.

Is this working as intended? It seems to me you would want to be able to set the “scene” label on a sub-document within a “chapter” folder, otherwise why would you have the different labels? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks…

  • Jack

Hi Jack,

Each document (and folder) should be independent of the others for setting labels. What are the steps you’re using to change the labels and where are you looking when you observe that the folder label changes if you update the scene and vice versa?

Hi Jennifer,

The steps are, I create the folder or document. If I click the folder or document, in the right side of the screen under the General Meta-data tab, there is a pull down menu for Label. If I click a folder for example, then set the Label on the right to Chapter, then select the document underneath the folder from the nav pane in the left, the document will be also now be set to Chapter. I can tell this, because the Label setting to the right under General Meta-data shows Chapter. Also, if I use the cork board view, the document in the folder is now color coded Green (for chapter).

In reverse, if I set the Label for the document back to Scene, the opposite occurs. The folder label (observed by clicking the folder in the nav pane and looking at the Label field in the General Meta-Data tab on the right) is set to Scene, when it was previously Chapter.

Could the problem be that I have broken the book into two parts? Part One and Part Two. I have each "part "as a folder, and then each “chapter” as a sub-folder, then documents for “Scenes” within the sub-folders. Perhaps that’s too many levels in my tree? But, I would think that breaking a book into parts would be a normal function, and should be accounted for in the program. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong? You can see the folder structure in the screen shot above. “Midnight City” is the second part, and the folders underneath it are its chapters.

I may have figured out my own issue. It seems that clicking the folder in the nav pane, does not mean that the metadata and Label fields on the right apply to the folder. They instead seem to apply to the most recent document placed in the folder. I actually CAN set the folder to “Chapter”, but only seem able to do it from the cork board, by right clicking it, and selecting Label from there. Is this working as intended?