Chapter start issues

Working on a book project and I have two issues both dealing with Chapter headings.

First: I don’t want the Introduction listed as Chapter 1. It’s the INtroduction. I want chapter 1 to begin on page 8. And I can’t figure out how to do that. I’m sure it’s obvious but this is my first time down into the more complex part of the software.

Second, for several chapters in the book (the first one and the last three, bizarrely. Al the ones in between are fine) the Chapter number and title are on separate pages. So I get a page that has just “Chapter 1 Introduction” then the copy picks up on the following page. All the chapters in the middle are fine. Chapter Number, Chapter title, and beginning of copy all on the same page, just the way I want them. All the settings appear to be the same from page to page, but clearly something is out of alignment. It’s making me crazy.

Any help DEEPLY appreciated.

And, as is so often the circumstance, no sooner did I hit send than I saw a posting to this issue. I swear, I looked before! Sigh.

So is the answer to tick the “Compile As Is” box to keep things from being chapters? The last three that I mentioned are also not really chapters (Author’s Bio, Other Works and Contact Me) so I will probably eliminate that problem by doing the same thing, yes?