Chapter subsection indent in TOC?

I have chapters which are folders in the binder and subsections which are documents under that folder. My question is how do I get the subsections indented within the generated table of contents so it looks like the followng:

Chapter 1
Subsection 1
Subsection 2
Chapter 2
Subsection 1
Subsection 2
Subsection 3

I think I’m having the same problem. My use of Scrivener is for more technical writing and I will need to have my table of contents structured as follows (for example):

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background Information
1.1.1 Geographic Location
1.1.2 Local Climate
2.0 Methodology
2.1 Phase I
2.2 Phase II
2.3 Phase III

I’m quite familiar with how to do this in word, but what is the best way to get numbers preceding the headings, subheadings, etc.?