Chapter Subtitles

I have tried every combination in export and tried searching the forums but I can’t seem to solve my problem without some assistance.

I have a project set up where I have X number of Folders each named Chapter 1-18.

Within those folders I have the text file of each chapter named the chapter title like “My Dog Eats Books”

I am trying to export where there is a page break before each Chapter (folder) and 'Chapter X" is displayed. This works out of the box. However, I keep getting a “Chapter Subtitle” after each of these and I would like to put the name of the Chapter “My Dog Eats Books” there. I tried putting the name in the notecard for each Chapter folder but it doesn’t work.

So, where does one set the value for “Chapter Subtitle”?

Whew… thanks and sorry if the above makes no sense.

Bumping (gently)…

I thought this would be a pretty straight forward and easy support question but maybe not. Please let me know if you need anymore info. or anything. I’m open to just not having the Chapter Subtitles at all rather than each Chapter just having a generic “Chapter Subtitle” after it. Thanks in advance.

Am I not allowed a day off? :slight_smile: Yesterday was the last day of term at my school so we had a staff night out, so I’m a day behind on replies.

At any rate, it sounds as though you used the Novel Template to create your project, in which case the answer to your problem is contained in the “Novel Format” document at the top of the binder, which explains:

Each chapter is expected to be contained in a folder. Select the “CHAPTERâ€

Yes I did use the template. I see how to fix it now. Of course it is in the one place I didn’t even think of looking (but should have). Thank you for your help.

I apologize for interrupting your day off. You more than deserve it. Oh, and congrats on getting to the end of term.