chapter title appearing more than one time after editing it

I created a new project and cut and pasted documents into different folders. While editing, I needed to change the titles and correct them and did so. However now on export, I am seeing both the old title as well as the edited correct title appear. In some cases this is twice, in others I am now seeing four titles. Where can I edit this?

To be clear, these are the titles of the folders that the project text documents are inside that are displaying the title multiple times.

Do you perhaps have the titles typed into the text editor as well as the Formatting compile pane settings to export titles for folders? Most of the default settings in Scrivener will print the folder name as a title in the output, so having it in the text editor as well would be redundant.

Thanks for your response. No, I do not have it in the text document as well, I deleted the date from the text document.

It only appears in the folders. In those cases where it appears more than once, it’s also showing up in the table of contents in the same line.

For anyone else who has this problem, re-entering the folder / chapter names by hand for each problematic chapter solved the problem.

Hmm, considering that, it could be the titles had multiple lines in them. You can actually paste multi-line titles, but only the first line will show, so it can be a bit confusing. If you just toggle editing on and retype it, you would wipe out the extra lines.

Outliner mode is a good way to check for these, as it will display multi-line titles.