Chapter Title Formatting Problems when compiling for PDF

Hello all! :slight_smile:

So I’m new to compiling in Scrivener, and I’m having a tough time figuring out a few things. Sorry for the length of this, but I’m trying to save all of us time by providing enough detail so you know exactly what I’ve tried so far… :slight_smile:

I’m trying to compile a non-fiction ebook into a PDF document (I’ve attached the PDF so you can see what I mean as I describe the problem I’m having)

I am using the GENERAL NON-FICTION (STANDARD MANUSCRIPT FORMAT) (sorry for all caps, copied and pasted that from Scrivener)

Prior to compiling, I selected all of the text in each text document and selected Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting - this did a great job of preserving the layout of my headlines, subheadlines, bullet points, bolding etc.

However, the beginning of each chapter looks odd because there is no style whatsoever for the Chapter Title. Scrivener pulls the name of the chapter from the file folder containing the content, but it puts it in regular sized text:

Chapter 1 <- Can I make this text appear like a bolded large title at the start of a chapter?
Chapter 1 Title <- Can I make this text appear like a bolded large title at the start of a chapter?

Then all of my chapter content follows as it should, no problem with this part.

As you can see, from my attached PDF, I tried to get around this by putting writing out the name of the Chapter as “1 Week Adventurer Itineraries” and formatting it as a “title” within the text document itself - but if I do that, then the title appears twice in a row (“Chapter 1 Title” in small print centered {Scrivener pulls this from the name of the text document itself}, followed by the “1 Week Adventure Itineraries” chapter Title in bold, large text.

If I could make the “Chapter 1 Title” disappear, then it would look perfect. Is there any way to do this? If I leave the name of the text document blank, all I end up with is

Chapter 1
Untitled Document <- And this obviously looks odd, so I can’t leave it like this

Then all of my content follows.

I’m stumped - I’ve googled this problem to death and I haven’t had any luck finding a solution yet, so I was hoping someone smarter than I would come along and show me the light 8)
Itinerary book.pdf (73.5 KB)

Problem solved! I’m posting how I fixed it here in case it helps someone else :smiley:

Went to File > Compile > selected “All Options” and a big menu of choices comes up

Selected Formatting

Where the blue folder shows up, named “Level 1+”, I unchecked the “Title” box.

So now the “Chapter 1” part shows up in small font as in my previous post, but the title of the text document does not - so now I am free to format the appearance of the title however I wish within the text document itself!

From your PDF…

That cover page is for writers who are sending their manuscripts to publishers. Remove from compile if you don’t need it.

Or maybe you were being rhetorical :smiley: