Chapter titles and page numbers in Compile

I’m compiling an ebook using Scrivener 3. I have two questions.

How do I get my chapter titles to appear, rather than “CHAPTER 1”, “CHAPTER 2”, etc?

I created a TOC by through Edit → Copy Special → Copy Documents as TOC. I’ve pasted it into a new page. Viewing that page in Scrivener, I can see my actual chapter titles. The page numbers are represented by the placeholder <$p>. But when I compile, the chapter numbers turn into “Chapter 1” and the page numbers are just question marks.


Ebooks don’t have pages, so “page numbers” aren’t meaningful. If you want to create your own ToC, rather than letting Scrivener generate one automatically, you’ll want to remove the <$p> placeholders.

To get your chapter titles to appear, you’ll need to either assign or create an appropriate Section Layout. See Section 23.3 in the manual for information about assigning Layouts, Section 24.2 to create or edit them.


Thank you!

I’ve run into a glitch. In Scrivener, I have the chapters in a numbered list.

When I export to epub, the list looks fine apart from the first item, which shows this:

1. <span>1. [Title Page](body.xhtml)</span>

I’ve tried recreating the TOC but the problem remains. Note, I have a heading 2 lines above this item in a different style.

Hi - I’m having a similar issue when I compile the MSS to export. I’ve renamed the folders as chapter names but when I compile, the names don’t show up, only “Chapter One”. I’ve tried renaming, restarting, etc, and looked through the boards. Hoping for some help here. Thanks!

Also having massive format issues with Word (looks like it has to download to PDF and then convert to Word, which has never gone well in the history of any Word experience). Will look elsewhere for those fixes but any help or direction would be appreciated.