Chapter Titles Doubled and Missing


I am compiling a book for paperback pdf.

I keep playing with the settings, but can’t get it right.

Each chapter is in it’s own folder. Each chapter is justed named Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.

When I go to compile, the first chapter looks like this:

Chapter 1 (how I named chapter)

Then, chapters 2-21 title pages ARE MISSING. The second chapter just starts.

How do I fix these issues?

I want my chapter to only show one name, and for all the chapter names to show. (I thought by renaming my chapters 1, 2, instead of Chapter 1, that that would fix it, but it didn’t).

This is so frustrating.

Most of the built-in templates and presets will handle chapter numbering for you, as this most often busy work that computers do better than humans. But if you do want to type in your own titles, right into the text editor from start to finish including the number, that is fine we all have our preferences. But to work in this fashion you will need to disable some automation.

You might find this prior thread insightful. You’ll note one of my first suggestions is to try using the “Original” compile preset, which doesn’t add anything to your text at all (save for page breaks when a folder is encountered), does nothing to the formatting of the text and mainly stitches the Draft files together end to end into a single document.

I’m not sure what your Binder looks like so I can’t be very specific here, but it sounds like it would benefit you to scroll through the Contents list in the compiler and make sure everything that should be is checked off in the “Include” column.

So how do I get away with not naming the chapters? I don’t have names for them. How do I set it up to have it done automatically? And if I remove the folder names, will it force me to put something there?

Also, I have poured over the contents or compile and can’t figure this out. Ineed specific steps.

If I click on AS IS box for all the chapters, they all print, but without chapter headings.
If I UNcheck the AS IS for all chapters, then the only thing that prints is the chapter headings and front matter; no actual text that make up the chapters.

Could really use some step-by-step advice or images to help me.


Have you gone through the tutorial on compiling yet? All of this is explained in step-by-step detail with screenshots. You can test right on the tutorial itself since it is a live project. You’ll find it in the Help menu if you haven’t checked yet.

If you want the Formatting pane to continue generating titles, just not using your folder names, you can do that easily. There are two ingredients in the Formatting compile pane, the “Title” checkboxes in the upper half, and prefix and suffix options in the “Section Layout” button of the lower half. So in this case you’ve described, you’d click on the folder row in the upper list, and disable Title checkbox. You should, in the preview area below, immediately see it vanish and now you just have a generic “Chapter Two”.

You might want to go into where that is set up, just to see how that works. In the lower half, click the “Section Layout” button. You’ll see the word and the counter that generates numbers automatically. If you want “2” instead of “Two”, you could use the <$n> counter.

If you remove both the Title checkbox and suffix & prefix, then nothing will be added to the document at the top. The “Original” preset that I was describing earlier does just that.

As-is is a feature for just printing the text as you see it in the editor for the selected item, with nothing added or changed about it. It’s useful if you want to insert a section with special formatting, or to dodge having a title generated for it, as you have observed.

Yes I have gone through the tutorial. This is not my first book that I’m trying to compile. This is the third. But I am having a new set of issues with the book.

I’ll re-read what you suggested and try and figure out what you mean.

I looked under formatting and played around with the checkmarks. Vheking and unchecking still resulted in no chapter headings.

I then looked at Prefix and Suffix.

Prefix is : Chapter <$t>
Leaving like this did nothing.

I then added Chapter <$t>
to Suffix as well.

Still no change. I cannot get the chapter headings to show. :blush:

I just added text documents to each folder to see if that would work. It did make a change, but not the one I wanted.

I’ve decided to just manually add chapter headings by hand and find another program to use for next time. This isn’t worth the hours and days of aggravation.

Please send two screenshots, either to our support address or to this thread:

  • What is the layout of your Binder in Scrivener?

  • What options do you have in the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane?


Hi Katherine,

I am just going to cut and paste into a word template in the morning and scrap using Scrivner for this.

But thank you for the reply.