Chapter Titles in Spanish & Compile with sans-serif font

Hi everyone,

During NaNoWriMo I downloaded Scrivener and really liked it, and today I bought a license so that I can start compiling ebooks and publish them. I do however have two pressing questions.

First, the book I’m compiling at the moment is in Spanish, and instead of Chapter One, I’d prefer Capítulo Uno. I have found how to change the Chapter to Capítulo, and I can see that $t generates One, Two, Three etc., but how do I change that to Uno, Dos, Tres etc.?

Secondly, my manuscript uses a sans-serif font, yet when I compile as an epub, and then view the document, it seems the font has been converted to a serif font, perhaps Helvetica. Can I change the compile setting for the font?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The counters use the system language to determine their output. So for $t to be generating Spanish words, you would need the system to be set to Spanish (at least during the compile).

As for the font: well, e-book readers in general usually only have a small handful of fonts available to them, and they are nearly always set by the reader’s preference, not the book. That aside you probably just need to visit the Formatting compile option pane (same place you went to fix the “Chapter” output) and change the formatting in that panel, if “Override text and notes formatting” is checked off, at the top of that pane.

Thank you Amber :slight_smile: I didn’t realise changing the system language would work. So I’ll just have to do that before the compile.

As for the second part, the font in the epub, I just can’t seem to get that working. Do you know what fonts are generally used by ereaders? I am looking for a sans-serif font instead of serif.

Well like I say, 99% of the handheld readers out there, including software that runs on other mobile devices like Kindle for iPad and iBooks, give the font choice entirely to the reader. Every book that they open will display showing the font they have chosen as a reading preference. So, Scrivener just doesn’t even bother setting the font family information.

You would have to open the ePub in Sigil or some other editor and make those changes by hand to the stylesheets. Adding:

p { font-family: Verdana }

…to the stylesheet.css file in the Styles folder of the ePub should do the trick. Like I say, don’t expect that to actually work on mobile devices and dedicated readers.