Chapter Titles in ToC?

I’m at a loss. I’m using folders for each individual chapter, they’re clearly labeled with a title each, and I have no idea how to get them to show up in the ToC. I’ve read directions, I’ve tried watching tutorials, I don’t understand it. Using 3.1.5.

Please help!

If you use the Binder titles as chapter titles it is easy. Select the folders/documents in the Binder that you want in the ToC. Edit -> Copy as ToC, paste into an empty document.

I’ve tried that, it does not work. What am I doing wrong?

How did you set up the chapter titles in Compile in section layouts? I think you get the same “format” in the ToC.

I have no idea. I don’t know how to change it, and when I tried the ToC disappeared completely.

Yes, by default, any cross-reference links in the body (which includes the ToC) will have their text updated to only print the prefixing rather than the full name. This way you don’t end up with stuff like, “Refer to Chapter 27: The Thistle and the Canine - August 27th 1972”.

If you don’t cross-ref like that, and want a more verbose ToC, you can switch this behaviour off:

  1. Open compile and double-click on the compile format in the left sidebar to edit it.
  2. Select the “Document Title Links” pane.
  3. Disable the Links use title prefixes only (exclude titles and suffixes) setting.

That’s probably all you need to do.

Now as to the names of your folders themselves, it isn’t clear to me why you’re typing in “Chapter -” in front of each name, in the binder. You’re probably going to get a weird looking result that way, like “Chapter Six - Chapter - Penny’s New Home”. You might need to experiment a bit to get a result you want. But a good rule of thumb is to let the compiler handle the formulaic stuff like numbering, and the word ‘chapter’. You can of course change the numbering style and such by clicking the Assign Section Layouts… button, below the preview area in the main compile overview.

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Yes, THANK YOU! Document Title Links was it. Links use title prefixes only (exclude titles and suffixes) was already disabled, so I disabled the entire setting tree. Thank you for the help!!