Chapter titles not showing when I compile

I’m using Version: Beta (513567) 64-bit - 29 Mar 2019 on a Windows 10 computer.

I’m trying to show the names of the chapters when I compile, the way I used to do with the pre-3.0 version of Scrivener.

I’ve unchecked the filter (under the hidden filter icon), so everything should show up when I compile. See attached screenshot:

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Am I missing something, or is this a bug?


If you look carefully at the screenshot, you will see in the right pane how all your texts have been assigned to either Group or Text and that in the middle pane, neither of the section layouts to which they have been assigned includes a title. That is the nature of the Default format. Try selecting one of the other formats, like “Manuscript (Times)” or “Manuscript (Courier)”. That will start you with further possibilities—note the “Assign Section Layouts” at the bottom if you need to adjust what’s there—but for more control like you had under v. 1.9, double-click (I think) on the Format you want to start from, and there you’ll find a lot of the details that you had to go through in v. 1.9.

Caveat: as far as I can see—I’ve been working on a Compile Format for my collaborator in China who uses Windows—at the moment, the Compile dialog doesn’t retain the Section Layout assignments when the dialog closes, nor can you create any styles—headings and so on—at least it isn’t possible for me! I am about to report those or add my voice to those who have already reported them.



Got it, thanks Mark.

Don’t worry, it’s been noted :slight_smile:

Just to set your minds at rest, I posted about not being able to create styles and when the post appeared, I checked the screenshot and saw the buttons to add/import/delete styles … I had been looking for them in the wrong place! So I deleted the post, got on with setting that up, and promptly forgot to look for the other thread.