Chapter titles repeating when compiling

When I compile to .rtf and open the file, my text is formatted something like this:

                             Chapter One

Title Repeated


I’m not sure why the title is being repeated. I thought, at first, that it was showing the titles of the text documents within the chapter folders, but it only does this with the first line (which I usually titled the same as the chapter), and not after the # separators that divide the text documents within the folders (the subsequent “scenes” which I titled differently). I tried using the formatting pane to make sure that only Level 1+ (the folder) is selected, and not the sublevels, but it still is compiling this way, no matter what I select/deselect. Is this normal?


Have you written the title in the document itself?

Oh! Yes, yes I did. My “duh” moment for the day!
Thank you!!