Chapter titles vs folder titles

Hmm, this may just be me, but when I’m writing a novel in Scrivener, I use the folder titles to keep track of what is happening in that part of the story. However, these are not what I want as chapter titles. They are notes meant only to help me keep track. When I prepare a novel for submission, I go the simple Chapter One, Chapter Two route.

When I compile using Scrivener, it gives me the folder title, which I’ll have to change. The other option seems to be to not include the folder title, but does that mean I’ll then have to search through a couple hundred pages of text to find my chapter breaks? Because in that case, at least the folder titles are obvious and stuck on an entire separate page.

Remember that folders can contain text as well.

If it were me, I would exclude folder titles from the compile, and have each folder contain the corresponding chapter title as text.


Ah, that should work.