Chapter Titles


I am struggling to format the chapter titles for my book.

I want to create different selectable “chapters” in my ePub ToC without having the “Chapter X” title show up on all of them–what I’m trying to do is use chapter numbers for the actual chapters, and then headings for end matter (“About the Author,” “Sneak Peek,” etc.) If I select the “folder” when I compile, each chapter gets a number, including that end matter (so, my “About Me” is labeled as “Chapter 32”). If I deselect the folders, these items do not get a selectable “chapter” in the ToC.

Is there any way to create a heading instead of having the numbers?


How the chapter title is displayed and numbered is defined by the assigned Section Layout. So you’ll want to use a different one for the Back Matter than for the chapters in the body of the book. See Section 23.3 in the manual for more information about Section Layouts.