Chapters, Front & Back Matter Missing in Compile

I updated to Scrivener 3 yesterday and today I’m recreating my compile settings. However, no matter what I do I can’t get the compiler to recognize or show any of my book content except for Chapters 1, 4 and 8. Everything worked fine before the upgrade. I really need to sort this out quickly as my publish date for the book is next Monday.

As a side note, the update feature for Scrivener 3 returns an “Update Error! An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.” message.

I would not recommend switching to Scrivener 3 for a project that is due next Monday.

As for the missing content, click the funnel icon next to the Compile dropdown menu in the Contents pane. Probably you’ve inadvertently set a filter that eliminates the other chapters.


There are no updates to Scrivener 3 at this time.


Oooops… :open_mouth:

Katherine has hit the nail on the head - the filter icon being blue means that a filter has been set.

I’ve fixed the update error. As Katherine says, there are no updates yet, so I hadn’t yet put up the necessary RSS file on our servers which is used to check for updates. I’ve added that now so that if you got to “Check for Updates” you are told that you have the latest version rather than seeing an error.

Thanks for the replies. While the filter was the issue, I did not set any filter myself. I imported my book from Scrivener 2 into Scrivener 3 just the way it was without making any changes. Scrivener 3 also changed my chapter names, swapping my chapter headers and chapter titles. I believe these issues have something to do with the import and conversion process, not user error.

Also, you really need to have a readme file in the dmg package alerting users that Scrivener 3 will require resetting compile settings and that Scrivener 2 should be uninstalled before installing Scrivener 3. Both of those items are buried in the user manual. I looked for that information on your website before installing Scrivener 3 and couldn’t find it there.

I’ve converted several projects from V2 to V3 over the last 10 months and not a single one has been corrupted in the way you’re describing. Every single one came through exactly as expected.

So if it’s happened with yours, it’s not a normal part of the process. The old V2 project was saved when you converted it – could you try renaming it (so you don’t overwrite your existing V3 copy) and then opening it again in V3 to see if the same problem occurs?

BTW, it’s perfectly possible and safe to run both versions side by side – the manual gives you instructions how (in the same section you’ve referred to). You might find it preferable to reinstall V2 to get your project published given the short deadline, then investigate the compilation process and any conversion issues when there’s a bit more time.

There’s no way for Scrivener to set a filter by itself, but that filter option shows options that were at the top of the Compile contents before, so you must have selected one of those options in 2.x. I’m not sure what you mean about Scrivener resetting chapter names and titles, but if you just mean Compile, then Compile is completely new in Scrivener 3 - we’ve been shouting about that - and so Scrivener 2’s settings are not compatible with it. You need to set up Compile again. There is inevitably a transition period with Compile being so different, but it is a far better system once you have moved over and are used to it.

A DMG file really isn’t the place for a readme file like that, and we are trying to make sure that we have plenty of material on our website. Obviously we need a little more about updating projects, particularly Compile, and I’ll try to address that over the next couple of days.

If a readme file is not appropriate in the dmg file, how about putting the manual there? Or, at least a link to the manual. At the very least there should be a forum topic on “Upgrading from Scrivener 2 to Scrivener 3” set as sticky so it’s right at the top of the forum topics.

I’m already past this point, but think it would be helpful for others.

The update notification has a little typo. Conventionally, up-to-date should be up to date (no hyphens when following a noun).

You’re right, but I’m afraid I have no control over that, as this message is provided by a third-party framework called Sparkle, which we use to handle automatic updates (it’s used by most third-party software outside of the App Store).

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Ah. That clears the fog.