Chapters replicate when importing files

Downloaded 026 today and opened a new project.
I hit the green button to add chapter… no problem. I then renamed to my “chapter name” … cool. I then imported my text from a .rtf file … then it happened … :confused:

The program replicated abovenamed chapter and populated it with my imported text …not a problem: the problem is it left firstnamed chapter in the binder …but empty.

This process repeated 3 times for 3 chapters I added.

So, moved the “empties” to trash and dumped the trash.

Is it normal for chapters to replicate when importing files (I import text only at present or am I doing something wrong?

I’m on Windows 7 starter on a netbook.

Thanks for the help.

If I’m understanding your process correctly, then what you’re seeing is normal. When you import a file, it comes into Scrivener as a new item in the binder–it doesn’t import into an existing document. So there’s no need for you to first create a document in Scrivener with the “Add Item” button; just import your documents and then go from there.

Hi there!

Many thanks for that … I guess I’m as stupid as I suspected … :smiley:

Great software whatever happens!

When do we get to pay for it?