Chapters that are orphans

I’m done writing my novella and have compiled it to an e-book. The problem I’m having is that Chapter 1 shows up by itself with no text, then the text that should go with Chapter 1 comes under Chapter 2. I have a similar problem with several other chapters. I’m hoping this is a fairly easy fix. I tried to outline the book using the “Save the Cat” method but now that I’m compiling I probably need to change it but not sure what the fix is. Please help!

As your outline is currently structured, “Chapter 1” contains everything from “Act 1 - Chapter 1” to “Healing his wounds – maybe.” “Chapter 2” starts with “Break into 2.” If that’s not what you actually want, you can promote/demote items with the Edit → Move menu, or by dragging and dropping.

(Use the File → Backup → Backup Now command to make sure you have a backup before doing any major restructuring.)

“What appears in the ebook” is sort of a different question, because you can use the Compile command to include/exclude the text of any individual section. Setting up the Compile command will be easier if the Binder reflects your desired structure, which is why I’m tackling that first.

I tried what you suggested with moving the chapters to the left. I then recompiled it and it didn’t really seem to change anything even though I told it to replace the previous book. It look the same.

The output of the Compile command will also depend on the Section Layouts assigned to the various documents. Are you using one of the Compile Formats that Scrivener supplies?

Yes, I am. Here is what it looks like.

Could you show the whole thing, please?

Specifically, I’m interested in which Section Layouts are assigned to the various items in the Contents pane. (Well, actually what Types are assigned in the Contents pane, and which Layouts are assigned to those Types.)

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Thanks for that clearest statement. I too found your answer useful.

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