Chapters with scenes on binder - not consistent

Working on a novel. Have 5 chapters done. In the binder, if I click on the chapter, I can view all the scenes in it. But the first two chapters, when I click on the chapter heading, I get a blank page.

What did I do wrong? How can I correct them to get all the scenes visible in editor by clicking on chapter in the binder?

Since you don’t have answers yet, let me try one. Look at your Binder carefully. If for the chapters that bring up all the scenes when you click on them, the scenes are slightly indented under the chapter but for the chapters that only bring up a blank page the scenes below are not indented, that’s the problem. The indentation is slight, so you have to really look.

I can’t remember if the default Toolbar has the commands you need or if I customized them. If your Toolbar has 4 buttons with big arrows on them, that’s what you need. Highlight the non-indented scenes and use the button with the big right arrow.

If you don’t have the buttons, the commands are under the Edit menu - Edit, Move.

You probably didn’t do the built-in interactive tutorial, found under Help.

Saying “read the manual” is not the point of community support groups.