I have a quick question. I’m two thirds of the way through writing my book in Scrivener but have a question before I finish and compile. In regards to the chapters, I have chapters 1, 2 and 3 each as separate chapters/folders but then the rest of the chapters/folders seem to be within chapter/folder 3. I’m not sure how this has happened, and how I can rectify this?!

Thanks in advance for any help.

Items can be moved around in the binder with drag and drop. Simply pick up the item by clicking and holding the mouse button down, then drag the mouse pointer to where you wish to drop it. The binder will display a blue target underneath the pointer, showing where the drop will end up. Holding down the Option key while dragging will inhibit the “Drop on” feature, making it easier to move siblings amongst one another.

Additionally, Ctrl-Cmd-ArrowKeys can be used to move an item around spatially in the binder, step by step. Up and down will increase or decrease its placement in the outline, while left and right will promote and demote the item. For example, selecting a folder that holds the contents of chapter eight, and pressing Ctrl-Cmd-DownArrow will move it down one spot, swapping its position with the chapter below. It will now be chapter nine, and the other chapter will be eight.

Thanks for your reply, but I still can’t move the folders to where I want. When I try dragging and dropping it will only place it within another folder :-s

I’ve managed to do it now, thanks!