I’ve tried to find how to do this, but so far I’ve had no luck.
Is there a way to export my novel as individual word documents? I can export the novel as one large document, then chop it up, but that’s a bit of a pain.
Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Try selecting top-level folder that you want to export (the Draft folder, for instance), then use the File->Export menu.

Thanks for the suggestion, but what I meant was I want to compile the whole novel all at once but as individual chapters. I can do it the way you suggested, but with 45 chapters, it would be time-consuming. Most likely I can’t compile the way I want, and if so, no real biggy. :smiley:

Does the Windows version include a compile preset for Apple iBooks? If so, that will do what you want, as iBooks requires each chapter in a separate .doc.

If it doesn’t, I’d use the “Current Selection” option in Compile; highlight each chapter and it’s content documents in turn and compile, remembering to change the output file name appropriately each time. Bit kludgy, but …

Otherwise find someone who uses Scrivener on a Mac to do it for you? :slight_smile:


The way it should work is that you select the top-level folder (Draft or Manuscript, or whatever it’s called in the template you started with), use File->Export, and it will export every file in that top-level folder, not just one at a time.

Just to clarify rdale’s post:

If you use File -> Export -> Files… and choose Word .docx as output format, what you get is a folder where all Scrivener folders are sub-folders and every document its own file. So you’ll get exactly what you want, provided you have organized the Binder correctly (depending on how you want the output).

Thanks for the advice. The last solution worked perfectly for me. :smiley: