Char Sketch Formatting is Sketchy

This is how my character sketch page looks:

I’m not sure how it got that way; I’m sure I didn’t do anything but fill in information.

Is it obvious what has happened, and is there an easy fix, or should I just design my own and transfer the data? If I delete leading spaces/tabs, I get text that is on top of other text.



It looks like the editor might be too narrow for that tab stop that is drawing the separator underscore. If you turn the ruler on and then expand the window width a bit, with the cursor in that line, you should see the tab stop appear at about the 6.5" mark.

So yeah, you could just slim those down a bit if you tend toward a narrower window. This is of course just a normal text file, nothing special about it. You can do whatever you want with it.

OK, thanks, I’ll play with it.

But you might look into (1) how that would happen – because I didn’t do anything weird.

and (2) why, if I put the cursor at the “R” in “Role in Story” and hit backspace twice, I get text on top of other text:

I see now that it’s related to the right tab. Check out the way OpenOffice handles right tabbed text – it doesn’t allow the text to overlap other text.