Char value 31

Hi all,

I have 3 errors within the first 10 chapters of my book when I compile an ePub. I’ve searched the forum but havent found the same character value.
Hère there are:

« error on line 27 at column 59: PCDATA invalid Char value 31 »
« error on line 19 at column 4: PCDATA invalid Char value 31 »
« error on line 74 at column 192: PCDATA invalid Char value 31 »

Can anyone please help me figure that out?

Was this text created in Scrivener, or imported from somewhere else? The error indicates that there’s a non-text character in the file.


Character 31 is what we refer to as a control character, as opposed to printable characters, kind of like how the space or tab characters work, you don’t see them but they do stuff instead. Most of these are obsolete, and invalid in a context such as ebook publishing, and should be stripped out of the source. We have a handy tool for doing this, with the Edit ▸ Text Tidying ▸ Zap Gremlins menu command. You don’t have to find the specific character, you can just run that command in any document without a selection in order to clean the whole chunk of text.

But you do need to locate which sections have them, and Sigil should help you do that. The ePub error log should indicate which internal files have these characters, and from there you should be able to recognise where the text came from in the binder.

It was created directly inside Scrivener

OK, thanks, i
I’ll try that tonight and report here :slight_smile:

Zapping Gremlins worked perfectly! Thanks @AmberV!

Great! Glad you’re back in business.