Character and Search-Replace Problem

First of all, marvelous and exiting beta product. I am considering switching to Windows because of some non-Scrivener related issues (such as a working Turkish theasaurus in Windows, etc.). I have been using Scrivener for Mac for quite some years know and am more than satisfied with it.

I don’t know whether this is worth fixing but it might still be helpfull to you guys. Characters such as ş, ğ, ç, ü, ö doesn’t show correctly when you open a Scrivener file that has previously been worked on in Mac. Different encoding I presume. Instead of the correct characters things like ÄŸ comes up. Which leads me to the second problem.

I tried to search replace these but since they are in the Synopsis part, search-replace doesn’t seem to work there. Which might be considered a more serious issue. Searching and replacing could take place in all the different fields -not just in the main text area.

Congratualtions and keep up the good work.
All the best,
Diren Yardimli

Regarding the second part of the post, a project search and replace (such as is in the Mac version) should be implemented by release or shortly thereafter.

Thanks for the reply. Good luck.