Character and Setting templates

I purchased Scrivener yesterday after trying out several other novel writing programs. I found two others that I liked but I was impressed with Scrivener as a writing tool. The split screen functionality, splitting a document into chapters/sections, and the research storage area were most useful. However, I was missing the prompts that I had found in the other two programs so I decided maybe I would switch back and forth and take advantage of the different aspects of all three.

This morning, I happened to notice the Template section at the bottom of the screen with the Character Sketch and Setting Sketch. Since the other two programs each had a different set of questions and I wasn’t sure which approach I liked, I quickly discovered that I could edit the Character Sketch, create my own template, and get the best of all three worlds in one place.

My suggestion is that you might add something about those templates to the tutorial. I did a search and found only the project template information mentioned and nothing about these particular documents, which have useful questions in them, but the fact that I can customize those questions is even better.