Character Color Help?

Hi - Newbie here. Trolled most of the docs and forum but I can’t seem to figure out how I can make a certain character name always be a certain color (the way I used to do in Celtx). For example if I have David, I’d like it to always pop out in a red font so I can see where his name shows up etc… Can this be done or not?

I’m a bit daft on keywords - tried using those but they don’t show up colored within the script. I’m probably doing something wrong. Can someone give me a heads up of how you can make certain keywords or in this case character names, show up colored… Thanks.

You mean in the text editor itself? There isn’t a way to do that. Mainly for technical reasons. CeltX doesn’t need to be a full RTF editor, so colours can be applied to ranges of text indiscriminately. It’s a little less straight-forward, doing that in an RTF editor, since you can select ranges of text yourself and colour them however you want. Would this feature disrespect colourings you had applied to a range of text already? Would it override them only temporarily (and that might not be easily possible)?